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Artemisia Pallens Herb Oil (Davanaöl)


Artemisia Pallens Herb Oil (Davanaöl)

Artemesia pallens



Davana oil has a strong and unique aroma, often described as close to apricot or more generally to very ripe fruits. It is warm, sweet and slightly citrusy with herbaceous and woody undertones. Used in cosmetics, it is thought to be soothing and antibacterial on the skin while balancing the mind when inhaled. Some say it's a great aphrodisiac!

Davana is native to India and belongs to the same family as daisies (Asteraceae) and the same genus (Artemisia) as absinth and armoise. It is a small plant that grows up to approximately 60cm in height and bears silvery-grey to green leaves and many small yellow flowers.

The essential oil is obtained from the leaves and flowering tops by steam distillation and is loved in perfumery to create amber and woody fragrances. Its main constituents are davanone and linalool. 

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