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Citrus Aurantifolia Fruit Extract (and) Vodka (frische Limetten extrahiert in Wodka)


Citrus Aurantifolia Fruit Extract (and) Vodka (frische Limetten extrahiert in Wodka)

Citrus aurantifolia



Are you ready to party just thinking about this ingredient? Well sorry, but this is going on your skin, not in your belly!

Vodka?? In skincare?? Whyyyyyy

Alcoholic plant extracts, also called tinctures, are widespread in herbalism and medicine. It is an effective way to extract active compounds from a plant, especially if they are not water-soluble or if the material is hard (like bark) or fragile (like some flowers). Alcohol is also excellent for preservation. Any alcohol can be used for tincture, but it is recommended that it contain more than 20% alcohol by volume (ABV). So why not use vodka? It is usually around 40% ABV, almost odourless
 and it is festive!

Applying alcohol to the skin can be scary and bring back memories of stinging disinfectants on grazed knees. However, this harshness can be balanced by choosing less than 50% ABV (above is a bit too antiseptic) and being careful of the amount applied. Used correctly, alcohol can be a good tonic ingredient, reviving the skin, and a gentle cleanser. It is also astringent and helps temporarily reduce the appearance of pores. Limes, soaked in the vodka, complement these effects nicely, as they have similar properties but add that uplifting sweet scent, typical of the fruit.

Where does Lush purchase vodka and limes?

Lush UK manufacturing purchases vodka from the first and only distillery on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England. The beverage is distilled from grain (40% ABV) and contains a pinch of locally hand-harvested sea salt.

Very passionate about their work, the distillers are also concerned about their environmental and human impact and try to improve constantly. Ethical and local sourcing of natural ingredients is one of their staple commitments, but also sustainability, partnership with local charities, and the ultimate goal of becoming net zero by 2030. It is with pride that the distillery obtained a B corporation certification in 2022, which means that they meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

The fresh limes are purchased from a specialist distributor, with whom Lush UK has been working since 2005. Depending on the time of year, they source products from different countries to try and have availability and the best quality all year round.

With seven manufacturing sites across the globe, this information may vary depending on where your Lush products were made.

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