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Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Flower Powder (Hibiskusblütenpulver)


Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Flower Powder (Hibiskusblütenpulver)

Hibiscus sabdariffa



Hibiscus is a rather classic natural dye for hair and fabrics. If you ever had a drink infused with the flower, then you know it’s indeed full of red-pink pigments.

Where do we get it?

Lush purchases flowers (fresh and dried) from multiple suppliers who source them from different countries around the world depending on species, season and availability. They must comply with Lush's buying policy which encourages growers to move away from the use of hazardous pesticides. Periodic, case-by-case spot checks are also performed to detect pesticide residues on the ingredients entering our factories.

What are the benefits of this flower powder?

Depending on its concentration in the products, hibiscus can really boost the red hue of henna or just very lightly colour the hair for a strawberry blonde shade.

Unique stories

​​Stunning hibiscus flowers decorate gardens and surfers' shirts. There are many varieties grown in tropical and subtropical regions around the world but the best known for its medicinal and culinary application is the roselle hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) which can be consumed entirely.

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