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Ro's Argan

Ro's Argan

Body Conditioner

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"One of my favorite products. I apply after a shower onto wet skin and leave it absorb which leaves my skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing!" - rubymayhampt

"This product is absolutely beautiful to smell and to use. It's light but leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft, without any greasiness that can come even with the best of conventional body butters/creams. Applying it in the shower saves me time in the morning and leaves me lightly moisturised all day." - shiraz_5295251

"This is a game changer for me, looking for ways to reduce plastic waste and gave this a go. I'm terrible for not using any kind of body lotion and have very dry skin on my legs. This not only fulfilled the brief of packaging free but smells amazing and the fact you slap it on in the shower, give it a minute to do its magic (and stand in a floral cloud of loveliness) then rinse off pat dry and feel super soft moisturised skin. No fuss and vast improvement over old habits of avoiding body lotion!" - lj_carlsen_547

How to use:

After cleansing, glide over your body in the bath or shower. Pat dry to leave its softening, organic brazil nut and argan oils resting gently on the skin.

How to store:

Keep somewhere cool and dry before you use it and leave it somewhere to dry out in between uses. Due to great ingredients that melt at around body temperature, this product may melt when being shipped to warm climates.

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