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Tea Tree

Tea Tree

Toner Tab

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"As a skin specialist I rarely rate skin products but this addition to my steam and extractions is amazing. Revitalising, fresh and super cleansing... LOVE IT" - Mommy2Mae

"Love this product, haven't used for a few years but while having issues with breakouts again I've been drawn back to this product. Really great price and works really well!" - cjmarriage12_74

"The best part of this toner tab was the spa experience it gave, I love using the steam room at the gym and this just gave the same effect to my face It felt clean and refreshed after using it, i will definitely be buying again..." - emmalouise326

How to use:

Drop into a bowl of warm water and allow the essential oils to steam away the day as you hold your face over the bowl. 

How to store:

Keep cool and dry until ready to use, once added to the water, bottle up and use as a toner for a week! 

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