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Vénitien Henna

Henna Hair Colour

Un-kissed strawberry blonde

Vénitien Henna. A brown rectangular block of solid henna hair colour, with a floral design and the letter V pressed on the top.
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A shine-enhancing strawberry blonde for those with fair hair. Vénitien blends the finest Iranian henna with deep-conditioning fair trade cocoa butter and blonde-enhancing chamomile to create a warm, golden shade. A dazzling option for those with naturally blonde, light or white hair. Made in Canada.


- Cocoa butter adds softness

- Chamomile brings out lighter hair tones

- Red henna enhances shine

- Our fair trade organic cocoa butter is grown by farmers in eastern Congo (DRC). We pay a premium that allows them to invest in their local communities

How to use:

Dry and detangle hair before use. Always do a patch test on hair before starting. Do not microwave product.

Step 1

Break apart henna brick into a heatproof bowl. Carefully add recently boiled water. Stir it all together until you get a creamy paste.

Step 2

Apply paste to roots of hair with a tint brush. Work paste from nape of neck upwards, followed by the sides. Add generous amounts to get the best possible color.

Step 3

Once applied to desired areas, wrap your hair to get warmer red tones or leave it unwrapped for darker tones.

Step 4

After a couple hours rinse hair to remove henna. Use a conditioner to lift stubborn bits before shampooing.

How to store:

Keep your henna block somewhere dry and clean between uses. In hot weather, store in the fridge to avoid meltdowns. 

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