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Lippia citriodora; Valeriana officinalis



This extract combines all the good things that allow you to fall asleep serenely and wake up with glowing skin.

If Sam Baldwin, the famous sleepless man, had consulted a herbalist in Seattle, he probably would have been advised to drink a valerian tea before going to bed. Indeed, the plant’s fragrant root is renowned for its sedative properties and ability to calm the mind.

Lemon verbena is a strongly-scented shrub with long, thin leaves. Native to South America, it was introduced to Europe by the Spanish and was quickly adopted as a medicinal herb. Nowadays, it is common to see it used in relaxing herbal teas for its light sedative effect and uplifting lemon scent.

These two ingredients are soaked in honey to extract their properties. Honey is a fragrant, sweet, sticky liquid made by the hard-working honeybees. It is humectant, antimicrobial and antioxidant and has shown great wound healing properties over the centuries. 

Lush source clear honey from the Barro Vermelho community in Brazil. Bees’ welfare is at the heart of their practice and the community sees beekeeping as a communion with nature, a way to have better lives while helping to increase the bee population and land’s regeneration.

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