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Sesamum indicum



Give me a Y! Give me a U! Give me an M! What’s that spell? YUM! Who can resist the delicious scent of roasted sesame seeds?

Where do we get it?

This absolute is produced in France, using ethanol as a solvent. It is extracted from roasted sesame seeds grown in India.

What are the benefits of sesame seed absolute?

It’s purely about its irresistible scent - nutty and reminiscent of roasted peanuts, with balsamic and coffee notes. Caution: Do not eat yourself or your Lush product.

Unique stories

Sesame (Sesamum indicum) is a strong-smelling flowering herb. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, it is highly drought-resistant and is considered the oldest oilseed crop ever cultivated by man. Growing up to a meter tall, the grass produces seed capsules that suddenly burst to disperse the seeds far and wide.

The saying 'open sesame' in the Arabian Nights tale comes from the fact that, at the time, some believed that sesame seeds had magical powers. They were said to open locks and hidden paths and bring good fortune. Or was it because of the sight of the plant's pods bursting open?

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