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Capsicum Annuum



Bell peppers add a sweet crunch to your dinner, but it’s not often you find them used in skincare! Yet, their juice contains twice as much vitamin C as an orange, and its high carotenoid content helps make the skin look radiant and firm.

Yellow bell peppers belong to the Nightshade (Solanaceae) family of plants, alongside chilli peppers, cayenne peppers and potatoes. They are thought to have been used for centuries as 6000-year-old fossilised seeds have been found. Native to South and Central America, they were introduced to Europe by the Spanish in the 1400s.

Packed full of vitamin C, the peppers can boost collagen production, keeping the skin and hair strong and protected. The vegetable also contains large amounts of carotenoids and vitamin A - antioxidants that help the skin looking radiant. Finally, a small amount of capsaicin in the peppers also acts as an antibacterial stimulant that clears and tones the skin.

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