Guardian of The Forest body spray is sprayed up into the air, in front of a bright, light orange background.

Guardian of The Forest

Body Spray

Cypress, oakmoss and rosewood

A spray bottle containing Guardian of The Forest body spray, made of opaque black Lush plastic.
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"This scent is my absolute favourite from lush and wish it came in more products. The scene reminds me of a lush botanical garden, green, fresh and alive." - nikashilobod_707

"It smells like flowers in the greenhouse. When sprayed on bedding, it feels warm and a little humid and relaxed. I like the smell of grass like this." - yrldufdk_717025

"I loved the Guardian of the Forest bath bomb and its scent, so I was very curious about this body spray. It exceeded my expectations, it smells amazing! Would absolutely recommend this if you liked the bath bomb, or like other grassy and woody smells like Grass or Tramp." - rosaljonker

How to use: 

Spritz all over the body avoiding the underarm area for a breezy burst of fresh green notes. 



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