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Hydroxystearinezuur/Linoleenzuur/Oliezuur Polyglyceriden



This material helps stabilise emulsions, ensuring that water and oil-based ingredients bind properly to each other. It is also known for its emollient and conditioning properties on the skin and hair. In fact, it can be used as a vegan alternative to lanolin.

In short, glycerides (also called acylglycerols) appear spontaneously in nature and are made up of a glycerol molecule linked to one or a few different fatty acids. Researchers wondered what would happen if we could create bespoke glycerides by choosing specific fatty acids and binding them to a glycerol, and that's how they obtained compounds like this polyglyceride. 

Creating tailor-made glycerides means making the most of natural fatty acids by combining their different properties to obtain a very efficient material. 

As its name suggests, this compound is made with hydrogenated stearic acid, omega 6 linoleic acid and omega 9 oleic acid which are obtained from vegetable raw materials. The producer follows green chemistry principles and doesn’t use any GMOs, palm or plants listed on CITES.

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