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NZ Charity Pot Donations


Renters United is an advocacy group that organises renters and campaigns to make renting better for everyone. We have a Plan to Fix Renting, which includes addressing: the quality and health of rental housing; secure and stable tenancies; affordability; and fair and effective enforcement of the law. We are volunteer-powered, with branches in Tāmaki Makaurau, Pōneke and more growing in other centres.

What was funded: Training a cohort of 100 volunteers. We will run 1-day training that provides organising skills and the tools to get active in 4 different locations around NZ. A budget is needed to cover venue hire, printing, promotional materials and basic costs of presenters. We want to bring together our 15 most committed volunteers for a weekend of leadership development and planning so that they feel supported and ready to lead the movement locally.


Protect Pūtiki is an organisation spearheaded by Uri ō Ngāti Pāoa with support from Tangata Whenua and the Waiheke community. We have been occupying Pūtiki bay for over 100 days to protect Tikapa Moana and all taonga by stopping the proposed ‘Kennedy Point Marina’.

What was funded: Resources and equipment to help Protect Pūtiki continue remaining on the front line and to stop the development of Kennedy Point Marina


Koha Apparel is a not-for-profit, pay-as-you-can retail experience, using new and repurposed apparel. Our mission is to repurpose quality clothing for those vulnerable in our community. Our pop-up utilises a take what you need, give what you can concept which allows those struggling financially to access clean clothing for free. We also aim to reduce the amount of clothing waste going to landfill. We strive to make our community feel less alone, less ashamed and less ignored, feelings they are far too familiar with. Koha Apparel provides more than warm quality clothing, our pop-ups create a space where our community can come together and be treated equally. 

What was funded: To strengthen the overall presence of Koha, both digitally through updating our website and physically by creating infrastructure for our pop-ups. Our mission is to double our monthly reach and accessibility in both Auckland and Wellington which means we require more pop-up equipment.


The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition is a coalition of 100 organisations worldwide, working together to protect vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems and conserve deep-sea species. Here in Aotearoa New Zealand, the DSCC has been working in partnership with a range of local non-government organisations on campaigns to protect deep-sea corals and seamounts from bottom trawl fishing and to ban seabed mining in the South Pacific. In 2022, we're working with artists to create a series of murals, calling on the government to "Defend the Deep" from bottom trawling and seabed mining.

What was funded: The Defend the Deep murals whose aim is to creatively and visually represent, promote and engage community support for protecting Aotearoa’s deep sea taonga (treasures) and for the NZ government to protect sea life from the double threat of bottom trawling and seabed mining, through a collection of street art murals in key centres.


The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (also known as NZAVS) is the primary charity working to end animal experimentation in New Zealand. Every year around 300,000 animals are still used for science in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Many of these animals are sadly forced to endure cruel and invalid experiments. This is unacceptable. NZAVS sees a future where no animals suffer in the name of science and scientific progress is advanced using viable, evidence-based, non-harmful methods. 

What was funded: NZAVS Website Migration Project 2022

Our website is our most important connection with the public, our supporters, curious people, and the scientific community. It is the place people go to find out about animal testing in New Zealand; Even lecturers at universities have been known to refer to our website for more information on animal experimentation in NZ! 

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