Lush carrier bags: where does your money go?

All the carrier bags you’ll find at Lush are made from 100% recycled and recyclable paper and printed with vegetable inks. By choosing recycled paper, we are able to drastically reduce the water and CO2 footprint of our bags, straight from the off!

Although our biodegradable carrier bags have been designed to reduce their environmental impact in incredible ways, we recognise that it’s better to entirely cut out waste and reusing items instead. Therefore, we want to encourage our customers to consume packaging consciously and support a reduce and reuse lifestyle.

So grab your canvas tote bags, knot-wraps, bags-for-life or whatever you choose!

What if a carrier bag simply can’t be avoided?

We get it, there are times you’re just in need of a bag. Never fear, we will still be offering our beautiful paper bags in various sizes. In many markets, we charge a small fee for carrier bags. In some countries, this is mandatory.

In many countries where Lush operates, we donate 100% of the carrier bag charge (minus tax) into Lush Re:Fund pots*, a philanthropic grant programme that supports environmental and social regeneration around the world.

Therefore, if you do need one of our paper carrier bags, you can rest assured your money will be going toward regenerating people and planet!

Please reuse your Lush bag to your heart’s content, then recycle or compost it when it’s ready for a new life. 

*The Carrier Bag Levy in Northern Ireland is a government-managed fund meaning we are unable to include these in our Re:Fund pot.

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