WOOL - A film by Kevin Morosky

WOOL is a series supported by the Lush film fund and directed by Kevin Morosky about the different aspects of black hair and what it means to embrace natural hair.

In the first installment of Wool - a series directed by Kevin Morosky and focussed on exploring different aspects of black hair - Danielle Dash stresses the importance of redefining what it means to ‘look professional’.

Tayla Morosky believes her hair should please her - not anybody else. In the second installment of Wool, she explains why she chooses to shave her head.

Rivah has had every kind of hairstyle imaginable. She shares how experimenting with wigs, perms and styles allows her to express her creative side in the third installment of documentary series Wool.

What could your hair do if you let it grow naturally? Kev did exactly that, and let his black hair do its thing without worrying about what other people think. The fourth instalment of Wool explores how your relationship with hair can contribute to self love and self care.

In this video, Erica chats with director of the series Kevin Morosky about what motivated and inspired him to put the series together, from empowerment to self-care.

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