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Australian Honey


Australian Honey



Honey is a fragrant, sweet, sticky liquid made by the hard-working honeybees.

Where do we get it?

We love honey for its beautiful effects on the skin, and only work with beekeepers that meet super high standards of care for bees. The Australian honey in this face mask comes from local supplier Beechworth Honey. Their core beliefs are: preservation of natural habitats, building an environmentally responsible business, and sourcing only 100% Australian honey.

Beechworth Honey created a Bee Arboretum containing about 40 species of native plants, chosen to best support bees and pollinators to thrive. Their foundation ‘Bee-Cause’ supports an initiative that supports bees, bio-diversity, and threatened habitats.

What are the benefits of honey for your skin and hair?

  •  Humectant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidant
  • Protective
  • Conditioning
  • Nutrient-rich

Because of its remarkable antimicrobial and humectant properties, honey also contributes to the preservation of products’ formulae.

Unique stories

Bees collect nectar from flowers and carry it to their hives where the worker bees convert it into honey. Half a kilogram of honey contains the essence of about two million flowers and the colour, fragrance and properties of honey vary depending on the varieties foraged. Bees need to make thousands of round trips to collect nectar, and a single bee produces only about a teaspoon of honey during its lifetime.

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