A sweet scent with personality.

What is davana?

Davana is native to India and belongs to the same genus (Artemisia) as famous aromatic plants like absinth and mugwort. It is a small plant that grows to around 60 cm (23 ft) in height and bears silvery-grey to green leaves and many small yellow flowers.

In India, davana is rooted in the folklore and traditions of the country. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine and often decorates Shiva altars, as it's believed to be the god’s favourite flower. It can also flavour food, tobacco, tea and drinks.

What are the benefits of davana oil?

  • Davana has a plum-like, syrupy scent; ideal for boosting other fruity notes in a fragrance, such as peach, apricot or berries. It’s also a nice bridge between fruity and floral.
  • The oil is used in aromatherapy to calm and balance the mind, bringing a relaxing state that is said to work as an aphrodisiac for some!

Where does Lush purchase davana oil?

Davana is one of those oils that can be difficult to source because its quality highly depends on weather conditions. Each year brings its share of surprises, which compels us to keep a list of different suppliers at hand - but the oil’s origin is always India.

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