Chamomile Blue Oil


Chamomile Blue Oil

Matricaria chamomilla



This bright blue chamomile oil shares similar properties with the iconic lavender and is often used alongside it.

Where do we get it?

Chamomile crops are so fragile that Lush buyers always need to have backup suppliers in case our current one is unable to produce the amount we need. However, the scent of blue chamomile oil changes so drastically depending on where it’s harvested that a switch wouldn't be that simple, and we're lucky that our Hungarian producer hasn't encountered any problems for years. If ever, we could alternately use oils produced in Morocco, Egypt or Russia.

What are the benefits of chamomile blue oil?

  • Soothes the skin.
  • Gently cleanses the skin and scalp.
  • Believed to promote calm and restful sleep when inhaled.

It is said that the combination of the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the oil promotes the healing of wounds and scars and soothes skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Unique stories

Native to Europe, Matricaria chamomilla (also known as German chamomile or Matricaria recutita) blooms fragrant, daisy-like flowers throughout the summer. Originally white in colour, the flowers yield a blue pigment when distilled into an essential oil. This is due to chamazulene, an anti-inflammatory compound that forms during steam distillation.

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