Cherry Kernel Oil


Cherry Kernel Oil

Prunus Avium



Using cherries (or sour cherries) fresh, dried, as infusions, and even grinding the kernel into a great natural exfoliant wasn't enough, we couldn’t help ourselves and had to find a new way to use the fruit. The oil extracted from cherry kernels is very moisturising, softening and protecting, ideal for lip care as it is very light on the skin and doesn’t feel sticky.

The wild cherry tree (Prunus avium) is the largest cherry tree in Europe, reaching a height of 25 meters, creating a magnificent show of fragrant flowers in the Spring, the whiteness in contrast to the dark trunk and branches.

Although the fruit is edible and highly appreciated by birds, it is rather bitter, and it is the cultivars (tree varieties created from the Prunus avium species) that produce the sweet cherries we are more familiar with.

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