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Cold Pressed Carrot Seed Oil


Cold Pressed Carrot Seed Oil

Daucus Carota Sativa



With a marzipan-like aroma, this delicate oil moisturises the skin in a lightweight way.

Where do we get it?

Lush UK purchases this oil through a distributor. It is produced in Europe by a manufacturer whose focus is to achieve zero-waste production.

With seven manufacturing sites across the globe, this information may vary depending on where your Lush products were made.

​​What are the benefits of the cold-pressing method?

Cold-pressing is the most natural method of obtaining oil from a plant’s fruits or seeds. No heat, solvents, or other techniques are applied to the raw materials except mechanical pressure. This yields a pure and unaltered oil, often aromatic and colourful.

What are the benefits of carrot oil for your skin?

  • emollient
  • moisturising
  • absorbs quickly
  • bursting with antioxidants

Unique stories

Long, orange, mostly known for culinary purposes, the carrot is also cultivated for its seeds, which can be pressed for oil or distilled to obtain a fragrant essential oil.


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