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Fruit juice



Cut loose, fruit juice, kick off the vitamin boost!

Fresh, fresh, fresh handmade cosmetics

Of all the wild ideas Lush inventors have had since 1995, adding fresh fruit juices to their creations is probably one of the most iconic. They were inspired by the research of Alan Hopking, a medical herbalist, particularly his piece on the benefits of enzymes. Using fresh fruit on the skin seems so logical after all, but it took a while to make it work because they rot so quickly and can spoil the whole formula. Don’t we love a challenge!

It takes a lot of elbow grease but as far as possible we press the fruit ourselves at the factory. Sometimes, however, we have to buy them from other companies, as some fruits require specific machinery and skills that we don't always have.

What are the benefits of fruit juices on the skin and hair?

  • Vitamins - A, B, C, E, you name it. Fruits are bursting with them, each with its own talent, such as antioxidant, soothing, toning, exfoliating or protective properties.
  • Antioxidants - Vitamins are not the only ones that can be classified as antioxidants. Other components help fight cell ageing, such as flavonoids (colour pigments) or some enzymes.
  • Enzymes - Pineapples, papayas, mangos or kiwis all contain their unique enzymes that give a powerful exfoliation to the skin and scalp.
  • Acids - Ever heard of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)? They're popular in skincare for their ability to revive and cleanse the skin. Citrus fruits, apples and grapes are full of them!
  • Proteins - It's a little rarer in fruits, but still. Jackfruit and noni, for example, contain proteins that help strengthen the skin and hair.

Where does Lush purchase fresh fruits?

Each Lush manufacturer has its own fruit and veg supplier, very much like a supermarket! Depending on the time of year, they source products from different countries to try and have availability all year round. They work hard to supply as much organic products as possible and provide the highest quality available the rest of the time. Each producer must comply with our strict policies, just like any of our suppliers.

Want to know more about fruit juices and their mysteries? Browse your Lush product page to find the list of ingredients. Then click on the ones you’re curious about and get more detailed information!

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