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Ground Almonds


Ground Almonds

Prunus dulcis



When ground almonds are mixed with water to be used as a gently buffing cleanser, they produce a soothing milk, full of vitamin E that helps to rejuvenate the skin.  

Almond crops thrive in sunny regions such as the Mediterranean, California, the Middle East and North Africa. The almond tree is part of the plum family (Prunus), and its fruits are very similar to those of the same family, such as apricot or peach. In the soft flesh hides a very hard pit, which reveals a tender almond when broken.

Lush buy ground almonds from a co-operative in Majorca which works with over one hundred local almond growers, many of whom have worked in agriculture all their lives and their knowledge and expertise has been passed on through generations. They preserve the traditional Majorcan heritage, whilst also providing a fair and valuable income. The groves are fertilised by the sheep that graze on the land, pollinated naturally by native bees. Sheep also provide a useful ground cover control to keep weeds at bay so the use of pesticides is not needed. After the almonds, still encased in their outer shells, have been collected, they are taken back to the processing plant to be quality checked, de-shelled and then ground up.

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