Henna Powder


Henna Powder



Truly the ultimate hair treatment!

What is henna?

Henna is surrounded by legends, beliefs, and millennia of use on the hair and skin. The powder is made from the dried leaves of a flowering plant called Lawsonia inermis.

What are the benefits of henna?

  • Henna can give your hair an auburn-red colour.
  • It protects and conditions your hair, makes it thicker, and gives it shine!
  • It also treats the scalp with its antimicrobial properties. The powder cleanses the skin from bacteria, microbes and fungus, which also helps limit dandruff.

Did you know?

Discovered in 1916, the active colouring ingredient of henna is called lawsone. It reacts with keratin, the protein that makes the hair, providing a long-lasting dye that coats the entire hair shaft. Lawsone acts as a varnish, which explains why the result of a henna colouring depends on the hair colour it’s applied on. 

Where does Lush source henna?

With seven manufacturing sites across the globe, sourcing locations and methods may vary depending on where your Lush products are made. However, if you browse your Lush product’s list of ingredients and click on those related to henna, you should be able to find more information on our suppliers.

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