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Sweet as candy and raising funds

Crackle. A rounded bath bomb shaped like a sleeping dragon inside half an egg shell. The dragon is blue with red wings and the eggshell is bright yellow with a golden lustre.
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Meet Crackle, representing the slumbering dragon that lived inside our limited edition Dexter’s Dragon Egg, now awoken to bring fun and play to bath times around the world. Warming clove bud, uplifting lime and Brazilian orange oil combine to create a sweet, candy-scented bath bomb, while the popping candy inside adds audible crackles to your bathing adventures.

100% of the sales price (minus government tax) will go to Dexter’s Arc, which is part of Alice’s Arc; a children’s cancer charity. Funds raised through Dexter’s Arc will go to fund non-animal testing research into Rhabdomyosarcoma.

In July 2022, the Constantine family lost seven-year-old Dexter Constantine-Tatchell, our Master of Dragons. He fought fiercely against Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer with limited treatment options due to a lack of funding into researching and devising new treatments.

Alice’s Arc honours children and families, by giving them support and platforms to raise awareness and funds to ensure those diagnosed in the future stand a better chance of being cured with more suitable treatments.

We created Crackle, named after the teddy that Dexter found comfort in during his treatment, to honour Dexter, Alice and all the children like them who have lost their lives and futures needlessly because the treatments weren’t available. We will forever treasure them; the golden souls who made lasting impacts in their short lives.

How to use:
Release into your bath water and enjoy the candy-sweet fizzes.

How to store:
Keep your Crackle bath bomb safe and dry before you're ready to use it. 



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