Pumpkin Lokta Wrap, displayed in two separate ways in front of a dark green background, on a bed of moss.

Limited Edition

Pumpkin Lokta Wrap

Gift Wrapping

Handmade Lokta paper, 35cm x 35cm wrapping

Pumpkin Lokta Wrap, a tie-dye style orange and green pumpkin-themed design.
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This handmade Lokta Wrap is perfect for wrapping single items such as bath bombs, 100g shower gels and pots. This wrap is made from Lokta plant bark, and hand-dyed in Bastipur, Nepal. A papermaking unit was set up here as part of a scheme to create employment for marginalised women in the area. The Lokta plant is a regenerative fibre as it can be re-harvested after 3-4 years, thanks to its strong fibre, this wrapping is perfect to reuse. 

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