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Hair Colouring for the Curious and the Cautious

True Colours
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Is your hair dye worth it? True Colours gives you the information you need to make an informed decision about your hair and your health – with plenty of tips, tricks and Lush trivia along the way.

Which Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt was allegedly a fan of henna? Why were men using boot polish to hide grey hair in 20th century America? Which hair dye company is selling you products their founder considered to be unsafe? Hair dyers of the modern age, whether you henna, highlight or dye, this book is for you. 

Uncover the fascinating evolution of human hair and delve deep into the colourful history of hair dye, from its roots in Ancient Egypt to the health scandals of the 20th century. Discover how advertising turned us into devoted dyers and the health concerns the hair dye industry is keeping under wraps. Decode the claims on your hair dye label and learn how to colour your hair more safely - whatever you’re using. 

True Colours is an honest and intriguing look at what hair dye is, what it does, and the power it holds over us. Includes the story of henna hair colour within Lush, with practical tips for henna application from trichologist Mark Constantine.

Written by Milly Ahlquist and Lush Co-Founder Mark Constantine and printed with Lush’s unique 20% henna ink blend, this second edition has reworked and updated Mark’s original Herbal Hair Colouring book, first published in 1978. Now with additional research, resources and imagery.

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