Óleo de Amaranto Orgânico Prensado a Frio

Amaranthus Spinosus



The spiny amaranth is renowned for the squalene richness of its seeds. This moisturising compound is naturally present in the skin’s lipid barrier where it protects, firms and softens.

The Amaranthaceae family includes various species of flowering plants, shrubs or trees, some of which are highly appreciated for their aesthetics, such as the love-lies-bleeding species with its long, dangling and colourful inflorescences. The most famous amaranth is probably quinoa, although it is not the only one to be edible.

Amaranths are known for their medicinal purposes since the Aztecs. It is said that they held the amaranth seeds in such esteem that they were making large statues of their divinities with them and after a time of worship, the statues were broken down and shared so that they could be eaten by everyone.

Lesser-known yet highly valued, Amaranthus spinosus or spiny amaranth is cultivated for its edible seeds and leaves. It is commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions of the planet, where it’s often considered a serious weed. While the protective oil is pressed from the seeds, the entire plant can actually be used for medicinal or dye purposes.

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