Fresh matters

It’s dawn in Poole Harbour. Local seaman Pete Miles steers his small fishing boat ‘Esperance’ through the fast moving water.

Pete picks handfuls of toothed wrack, taking the fast growing foliage from the tops of the seaweed, gently shaking it free of any marine wildlife before packing two net bags full.

He arrives back in port within the hour, hauls the bags into the back of his truck and drives the 10 short minutes to the Lush factory where the compounders have been working since 6am mixing fresh face masks. Checks are made for any remaining stowaways before the seaweed goes into our BB Seaweed fresh face mask. By lunch time the same day it’s on its way to a shop.

The fresher the ingredient the more nutrients it contains. Daniel Campbell, Lush inventor, explains that: “fruit receives a constant flow of energy from the tree. The minute it leaves the branch it starts to decompose. The sooner we use it, the higher its nutrients and the greater the benefit to your skin."

Fresh is the cornerstone of Lush products. We not only tell you when you should use your products by, but when they were made, to make sure you know exactly how fresh your cosmetics are. Where possible we always use fresh, seasonal ingredients that are ethically sourced to make sure we know exactly where they come from.

We believe fresh is better; do you?

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