How to do the perfect shoulder and back massage

Looking to elevate your massage-giving game? Have a favourite massage bar but need some tips on how to improve your massage technique? Look no further...

Senior Lush Spa therapist, Nicola Wright, has five tips to get you started:

  1. The first step to a really relaxing massage is the environment. Make sure your room is warm and without distractions. Turn off your phones, your laptops and just focus on your massage partner.
    Light some candles, set the mood.
  2. Grab your favourite massage bar and warm between your palms until your hands are slick with oil. Glide the massage bar across the shoulders and begin to gently knead the upper back. This technique is called effleurage and will warm the skin tissue and muscles effectively.
  3. Take your time to slowly ease into the shoulder and neck. Use both hands to sweep up the back and around the shoulders to create warmth and flow.
  4. Use a figure of eight movement around the lower back to ease tension and bring fresh blood into the muscle. (If your partner has any lower back issues, eg. sciatica then you can take pressure off the lower back by placing a towel under the tummy to lift your partner slightly.)
  5. Work up the neck, onto the head with your fingers and use gentle shampooing-like motions on the scalp. This will feel especially good if your partner has had their hair tied tightly. Ease their troubles and help them to switch off.

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