How to choose a perfume online

Choosing what perfume works for you can be tough, especially when looking for a fragrance online. Need a hand choosing a Lush perfume? No problem. We’ve put together some things to think about when deciding which fragrance to buy.

At Lush we believe the traditional way of picking a perfume needs a bit of a shake up. While fragrance houses across the world depend on gender-based marketing for him or for her, celebrity endorsement, elaborate bottles, and expensive black and white ads, we think it’s probably best to rely on what’s inside the perfume bottle. That means genderless perfumes, minimal packaging, ethical ingredients, top quality essential oils and, of course, truly unique fragrances.

Choose by ingredients and essential oils

It might sound simple, but a great way to choose a fragrance online is to stick to what you know. Just like picking your favourite shower gel, bath bomb or shampoo, one of the best ways to pick your perfume is to opt for scents you love. 

All Lush perfumes are made with ingredients, essential oils and safe synthetics when alternatives are not environmentally or ethically friendly, like in the case of musk which is traditionally derived from animals. 

Essential oils are at the forefront of our perfume - only the best oils make it into the mix, with a whole department dedicated to the task. Every Lush perfume has a profile online, look for your all time favourite ingredients for something you’re sure to love. 

Choose by mood, memory, occasion or emotion

Scent, more than any other sense, is linked to memory. That’s why certain smells will transport you back to a particular place or time. If you’re looking for something familiar, then opt for smells you find comforting. Does cinnamon remind you of home? Gorse remind you of brisk walks in the countryside? Does lavender make you sleepy? Opt for those scents that remind you of key moments to be transported back to special memories, people or places. 

Got an occasion coming up? Think about how you want to feel. We associate certain smells with our emotions. If you know you want to feel confident at an interview, whimsical at a party, or you’re looking for a memorable perfume for your wedding, opt for essential oils that make you feel that way. A whiff of your own perfume might be all you need to help you to channel your emotions. 

Choose for your skin

Whatever fragrance you choose, perfume is as individual as you are. Each spritz will sit differently on every person's skin thanks to a combination of different sciencey things. All humans have different combinations of microflora (that’s good and healthy bacteria that keeps your skin happy), adding anything to that microflora changes its balance. And, because everyone’s microflora is different, every perfume will smell a little bit different on your skin. 

But that’s not all. What we eat, our genes, our temperature, our natural body odour, medication and stress level can all affect the way a perfume smells - meaning your perfume may even smell different from day to day. These changes might not be very dramatic - citrus scents won’t smell like caramel, and chocolate like thyme oil, but it’s enough to make each perfume smell unique to you, in a sense (or should that be scents) your skin is the final flourish to every perfume you buy. 

Choosing a perfume for someone else

Choosing a perfume gift for someone else can be tricky, but with Lush fragrance you can be sure you’re buying something meaningful, whatever the scent. 

When confronted with a wall of perfumes, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down to ‘the one’, so before you decide to opt for the box of chocs routine instead, there are some simple steps you can take to make the process a bit less scary. Plus, the perfume you pick will feel more personal because of the thought you’ve put into choosing it. 

Before you enter the website or shop, think about the person you’re buying for. Nature lovers and sea swimmers might favour fresher scents, while home bakers may warm to sweeter, more comforting fragrances. While it may seem daunting that perfumes can vary so much from person to person, testing them using scent strips instead of your skin should give you a clearer picture of the fragrance’s top, middle and base notes. If you’re still feeling undecided, stick to Lush’s top hits. Whether it’s Karma, a spicy blend of citrus and patchouli, or Vanillary, a comforting vanilla and tonka perfume - you can browse our bestsellers to find what’s popular. Alternatively, why not slot a fragranced washcard into a birthday card so they can sample a scent for themselves? 

No matter what you choose, Lush perfumes are awash with high quality essential oils, meaning the perfume you pick isn’t just a gift for your special someone, but also a gift for the future. 

Choose for your needs

It seems obvious, but when you’re thinking of your perfume, think of when you’ll need it. If you want a perfume for your handbag, or a perfume to take in your hand luggage without a fuss, choose a solid perfume. They’re easy to transport and offer intense and long lasting fragrance when you’re out and about. 

Want an essential oil boost you can use every day or perhaps you’d like to perfume your bedding for a smoother night’s sleep? Body sprays offer a fragrant spritz that you can use whenever you fancy. 

Looking for a scent for a special occasion or gift - opt for a liquid perfume. These opulent and exclusive combinations of luxurious essential oils make perfect presents or memory makers. 

If you’re buying perfume from Lush you don’t need to worry about where your fragrance is sourced. We’ve done that for you. You can be sure that every ingredient in your scent is sourced responsibly and has never been tested on animals. Shop for Lush perfume here.

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