Knot Wrap Swap Policy

Wanna get involved in our new Knot Wrap Swap scheme? Bring back a pre-loved Knot Wrap and get 50% off a different design wrap! Be sure to check out the Ts and Cs below, then get swapping…

  • Only Lush branded Knot Wraps are included in the Swap - you’ll need to check your wrap has a Lush logo on the label.
  • The Swap must be for the same size Knot Wrap, e.g. swap your 50cm wrap for a 50cm wrap in a different Lush design, 70cm for 70cm, or 100cm for 100cm. Alternatively, you can swap a larger Knot Wrap for a smaller sized wrap (e.g. 100 cm for 50cm) if you wish!
  • The Knot Wrap must still be of high quality, with no discolouring, no rips, and include the original Lush label sewn on. This helps ensure it can be reused again and again.
  • Splashmaps and Climate Revolution Knot Wraps are excluded from being sold at 50% discount and are only sold at full price. However, customers who own a Splashmap or Climate Revolution Knot Wrap can still bring one back for 50% off any other Knot Wrap.
  • Customers are welcome to participate in the Knot Wrap Swap scheme without the purchase of any additional product. 
  • This Knot Wrap Swap scheme is available in stores only, not online.
  • We reserve the right to end the scheme at any point, without notice.
  • Knot Wrap Swap is available in selected countries.

Why are Lush doing this we hear you ask? 

For our customers, it’s the perfect way to freshen up your collection without wasting a stitch! If you’ve been itching to get your hands on some of our new wraps, but haven’t wanted to simply discard your old designs, now is your chance to give your preloved Lush Knot Wraps a new lease of life. Older Lush designs can be rare and hard to find, so this will also give  our community a chance to find and buy these designs again.

For us, it ensures we are enabling the reuse and passing forward of our Knot Wraps, as was their original intention. All collected Knot Wraps will be laundered, ironed and distributed in packs back to Lush stores, creating an upcycling/closed loop system, and so our own Lush Archive Designs.

If you have any other questions or queries, please feel free to ask in store or get in touch with Customer Care on 01202 930 051 or [email protected]

We can’t wait to Knot Swap with you!

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