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Knot Wrap - The possibilities are endless

When you unwrap a Knot Wrap you are beginning a journey. Who knows where it’ll take you? The possibilities are endless.

Whether it’s to carry your lunch, ordain your do, mark your luggage, or prettify your present, Knot Wrap can be used again and again, wherever you go. But then you knew that, didn’t you?

Knot Wrap is inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of furoshiki, and is a unique and versatile answer to many of life’s little requirements. A furoshiki is small piece of ornately decorated fabric and was originally used by the Japanese to wrap up their clothes when visiting public baths.

In one day a Knot Wrap can be wrapped and rewrapped in any number of ways. It can start out as a headscarf and be whipped into a drawstring bag with just a few folds. It’s pretty handy, and an eco friendly, long term solution to plastic packaging and gift wrap.
Find out how to wrap yours by watching the videos below - it’s as simple as Knot, Wrap, Go!

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