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We’ve collaborated with @BambuuBrush to create a vegan, sustainable tint brush to apply your henna with precision!

@BambuuBrush believe that we all hold the power to change the world starting with One Simple Change; making simple changes away from plastic. Whilst working and travelling the world for the last 10years, founders Tommie and Rebecca witnessed first hand the dramatic increase in plastic pollution. Not only was it destroying our natural environment and its inhabitants, but was impacting everyday people in developing communities. Tommie and Rebecca launched @BambuuBrush in 2019 and have inspired over 2,500,000 of their bamboo toothbrushes to be sold, stopping over 50,000kg of plastic toothbrushes entering commercial circulation. They have educated over 2,900 children with their Plastic Pollution educational workshops, organised 28 clean ups bringing together 486 people and collecting over 1085kg of plastic waste from communities across the UK and worked with some of the world’s most influential companies including Virgin Atlantic to be the first bamboo toothbrushes in the skies, partners to TeamGB at Tokyo Olympic games, being part of numerous events at COP26 in which Tommie spoke about the importance of empowering people to act on simple sustainable changes, amongst others.

When the LUSH buying team approached Tommie and Rebecca, they had never created a tint brush before but this was an opportunity they could not turn down! Tommie worked with their team to design and created a bamboo tint brush; after a number of alterations and a few expert inputs from the HairLab team in Poole, the perfect shape was created!

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