Liverpool & Glasgow Shampoo Bar

Introducing a new hair salon in Liverpool and Glasgow, ‘The Shampoo Bar' by LUSH! The perfect pick-me-up for anyone wanting to look and feel fresh, whilst learning more about their hair type and what products and ingredients complement it best.

The services consist of having a shampoo bar expertly chosen for the clients hair, before having their hair washed by a Lush Shampoo Therapist on a comfy lay-down basin bed. They even choose between hard or soft water depending on how the client likes their hair to look.

Afterwards, you can either self-style your own hair, or Lush’s Hair Stylist and Afro Hair Stylists will expertly finish the clients hair to their desired look, utilising Lush’s extended and exclusive range of hair styling products. Plus, you get to take your shampoo bar home with you.

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