Benzoic Acid



Benzoic acid is a solid aromatic material that gives our products a sweet, powdery scent and some antibacterial properties.

What is benzoic acid?

Flowers, fruits, herbs, trees’ bark, twigs and resin can have distinctive aromas and tastes, whether pleasant, disgusting, strong or faint. This is due to a subtle cocktail of chemical compounds that each plant produces to attract or repel animals. Since the 19th century, these molecules have been isolated from plants or reproduced in labs to widen the possibilities in perfume creation. 

Benzoic acid is one of the oldest compounds isolated, discovered by Nostradamus in 1556 while distilling benzoin resinoid. The latter is the fragrant resin of the styrax tree, used as incense and perfume since Antiquity.

What are the benefits of benzoin acid?

  • Has a sweet, powdery scent that complements vanilla quite well.
  • Has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Safety and regulations

EU cosmetics regulations, alongside other global bodies, have identified 26 materials commonly found in fragrances that are more likely to cause allergic reactions in the form of skin irritation. These substances are referred to as allergens and have restrictions in place to ensure their safe use in cosmetics. Benzoic acid is not part of this list and, therefore, is not considered an allergen.

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