Chamomile Infusion


Chamomile Infusion

Anthemis nobilis and Matricaria chamomilla



Known to be very soothing, chamomile flowers also contain a yellow colouring matter called apigenin which acts as a weak dye on hair and is especially appreciated to make blond hair (natural or bleached) shiny and bright. It is slow acting and needs to be applied regularly.

The most commonly used varieties of chamomile are Roman chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) and German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla, syn. M. recutita). It is a sweetly scented annual or biennial with branched stems and finely divided leaves. Daisy-like flowers are produced from early summer to autumn and collected when first fully opened.

To make a chamomile infusion, dried flowers are added to boiling water, left to infuse and then strained. It is used in Lush products for its colouring, soothing and conditioning properties.

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