Clays leave the skin cleansed, soft and mattified like no other.

What is clay?

Clay minerals are tiny soil particles. No other mineral has been used as much in human history as clay. From growing plants to making ceramics, from engineering applications to cosmetics, clays seem to have limitless potential.

What are the benefits of clay?

  • Absorbs excess oil (sebum) and water (sweat) into itself.
  • Makes a gently buffing paste when mixed with water.
  • Gives a pleasant, smooth texture to body and face masks.

Did you know?

There are many types of clay. Some are completely natural, like kaolin or rhassoul mud; some are mixed with colouring pigments, like rose clay. Some are made from a combination of several sedimentary clays, like fuller’s earth. Although they have common properties, each has its own specificities in terms of absorption power, mineral content, or granularity. Depending on these little differences, Lush inventors will choose one or the other to perfect their products’ formulae.

Where does Lush source clays?

To learn more about the origin of each clay and their benefits, browse your Lush product’s list of ingredients and click on the ones you are interested in. This should take you to a page full of details!

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