Fuller's Earth


Fuller's Earth



Sedimentary, my dear Watson.

What are the benefits of fuller’s earth for the skin?

  • Absorbs excess oil (sebum).
  • Provides a deep, gentle and effective cleanse.

Unique stories

Historically, English textile workers, or “fullers” as they were once called, would clean raw wool by kneading it in a mixture of water and fine earth. The ‘earth’ consisted of several sedimentary clays. This process cleaned the fibres by absorbing dirt, oil and other contaminants. Fulling was abandoned with the modernisation of the wool industry. However, the mixture of clays (usually attapulgite and bentonite) remained in use in various fields for its ability to absorb and cleanse. Modern fuller’s earth is fine-grained, crumbly and has higher water content - the one we purchase at Lush is bentonite.

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