Plantain Extract

Musa paradisiaca; Glycerine



Plantain is a type of banana and much like the classic, yellow ones it is emollient and highly moisturising on the skin, making it soft and supple. This extract is made by mixing fresh bananas with vegetable-based glycerine, a humectant that helps retain moisture in.

The banana plant (Musa paradisiaca) is a huge, perennial herb. Its trunk consists of tightly wrapped leaf sheaths. Its true stem pushes up from the centre and grows flower spikes or buds. Blossoms grow into upturned ‘fingers’ and there can be as many as twenty in each bunch. Some plants have been in production for over a hundred years.

Glycerine is a humectant and a carrier that locks in moisture and effective ingredients, such as essential oils, into the skin. It is often used for its water absorbing qualities helping some products become self-preserving.  

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