Rose Water


Rose Water

Rosa damascena



A light touch of the delicate Damask rose.

How is it made?

There are many different ways to obtain rose water, with the oldest technique being simply to make an infusion with rose petals. It is also a synonym for ‘hydrosol’, a byproduct of rose essential oil production. At Lush, we proceed differently. Rose absolute is dispersed in water with the help of a few other natural materials - all declared in the product’s ingredient list. This way, we make sure that the skin gets the most properties from roses, as absolutes are the most concentrated extracts made from flowers. It also preserves longer than infusions.

Where do we get it?

Lush sources rose absolute from Senir, Turkey. Since 2005, our supplier has been collecting freshly hand-picked rose petals to distill them and obtain a high-quality oil and absolute. They now work with over 3,000 farmers and have helped Lush develop a project in Pakistan, where Damask roses are grown using permaculture principles.

What are the benefits of rose water for your skin and scalp?

  • Soothes
  • Revives
  • Hydrates

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