Never Bathe Boring

Introducing your ultimate bathing companion. Bringing an explosion of immersive color and 180-degree sound for a super-powered sensory bathing experience.

By Lush, the inventors of the bath bomb

A Mode for every Mood
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How to Level Up your Bathing

Choose your 
Lush Bath Bomb

Packed with mood-boosting scents and skin-loving ingredients

Open up Bathe on the Lush App

Select the bespoke light and audio track matched to your bath bomb and mood.

Sync with Bath Bot

Lie back and enjoy an immersive light, sound and colour experience.

This is Tech with a 
Bright Future

Designed, engineered & manufactured in the UK

Made without glue, Bath Bot is 100% vegan

Repairable and recyclable, reducing e-waste

Bath Bot doesn’t track you or steal your data

Surround yourself in full-spectrum LED lights
Wireless charging dock
Envelop your senses in 180-degree sound
No tears, no fears: water-resistant

Ready to take your Bathing to the Next Level?

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Download the Lush app to unlock Bathe