7 to 3, a circular, cream coloured, cleansing pad, is brushed over the cheek, creating a cleansing cream when hydrated.

7 to 3

Cleansing Wipe

Biodegradable cleansing pad

7 to 3. A circular, cream in colour, naked cleansing pad.
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Biodegradable, both packaging and preservative-free, 7 to 3 cleansing wipes are perfect for removing light makeup. Featuring a bounty of other beneficial properties rather than just makeup removal: the finely ground cannellini bean base gently exfoliates, clarifying fresh white lily infusion settles the skin and restores balance, moisturising carrageenan (extracted from Irish moss seaweed) nourishes the skin, whilst ylang ylang tones and provides a sweet heady scent that uplifts and calms. 

How to use:
Simply splash your face with water, you’ll notice there’s a smooth side and a slightly exfoliating side on this biodegradable cleansing wipe. Start with the coarser side by dampening a corner to activate the light cleansing cream. Glide the pad over your wet face and neck area, gently working it into the skin, then rinse clean. To remove light makeup just sweep the smooth side back and forth over the eyes and use clean, reusable cotton pads to remove any residue.  Cleansing complete, you can then finish your routine as usual.

How to store:
To ensure you can reuse the pad another day, gently rub it clean with a drop of warm water. Leave it to air dry in a clean dry receptacle such as a soap dish that drains and ensures it's not left sitting in a pool of water. Once used, consumers are set to get between three to five uses depending on whether the purpose is a quick cleanse or removing lots of makeup.

Due to a whole host of super fresh ingredients, this cleanser is best used fresh, within 4 months of the date of manufacture. As we make this product in small batches, you'll receive it in more than enough time to use at it's best. If you have any questions, please head straight to our Customer Care team.

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