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Broken Heart
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To be taken in an hour of great need; a remedy & restorative for comfort, courage and confidence. There’s nothing more painful than a broken heart. Take comfort in a deep bath and slip into rich, floral and smoky red-pink waters with their golden shimmer.

Scented with Sappho fine fragrance, this Bathing in Poetry bath bomb has been made in collaboration with the Poetry Pharmacy to welcome the words and fragrance to both lift your mood and inspire meaning and magic. The Poetry Pharmacy specialise in poetry on prescription – an alternative therapy for your emotional ailments. Whether you are suffering from the stresses of the modern world or the pain of a broken heart or simply need a tonic for the spirits, rest assured that they have a poetic remedy for you.

How to use:
Drop in the water, once fizzed, words of wisdom will reveal themselves to you, offering you counsel and compassion.

How to store:
Store somewhere cool and dry until you are ready to be revived.


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