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A number of black label perfume bottles are arranged randomly, with Cardamom Coffee in the centre, lid off, ready to spritz.

Cardamom Coffee


The comforting smell of home

A glass perfume bottle filled with mahogany liquid. A black label reads 'The Perfume Library' and 'Cardamom Coffee'.
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"The cardamom scent reminds me of dark winters when you sit down with a hot coffee and a cardamom bun. It's a totally calming experience to follow you throughout the day. " - isabel.arcezelad 

"This is a beautiful perfume. It is really masculine and definitely something for the evening. It has many complex notes and I find it changed throughout wearing." - Olivia73

"This perfume has a different scent to the ones that I’m usually drawn to (berries, flowers) but I can’t get enough of it.. it isn’t overpowering and the scents all compliment one another and the scent doesn’t fade away after a few hours which is wonderful." - karisbeeson_70

How to use:

Spritz and inhale deeply. Sips of sweet Colombian cocoa absolute and waves of warming cardamom oil wrap you in a comforting embrace. Exhale slowly, and settle down with herbal olive leaf absolute and woody oudh oil.



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