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Checked In


Check-in with uplifting, peppermint suds

Checked In, a rectangular soap with a white and blue checkered pattern.
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Check in to the Lush x Lazy Self Service and see if you scrub up well, with palm oil-free suds in our signature Intergalactic scent of refreshing peppermint oil. 

How to use:
Invigorating peppermint suds that leave skin feeling soft and refreshed. Lather up under running water, cleanse, and then rinse.

How to store:
Keep in a cool, dry place until you are ready to check-in.

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We have been fighting against animal testing since before we opened our first shop, and the fight continues today. We test products on humans and promote, fund and use human biology relevant testing methods entirely animal and animal-product free. Find out more

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