Confetti, a bottled, black label perfume, lies flat, with light shining through it, creating a green cast of light.



Sweet violet wedding fragrance

A glass perfume bottle filled with lime green liquid. A black label reads 'The Perfume Library' and 'Confetti'.
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"First time blind buying this and I love it. I instantly think of palma violet sweets mixed with rose and the sandalwood. What I love about lush perfumes is how unique they are, they smell expensive and you definitely can't compare theirs to any other perfumes out there. This one is fantastic!" - Lush girl1

"I LOVE this fragrance! Delicate florals and clean fragrance. Will be investing in more, well done Lush!" - wolfmother30_56

"I love rose and violet so thought I would give this a go and take a chance. The first notes are the rose and violet and it dries down to the sugared almond smell. It is a delicate and pretty fragrance which I’m really enjoying." - CosmicOx

How to use:

Spritz yourself all over to create your own love story. Young love, the innocence of violet leaf. A sensual rose blooms as the relationship deepens, until the final chapter reveals the lasting comfort of sandalwood oil.



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