A person, whose upper body is covered in delicate, light pink foam, stands under a shower looking pensive as they rub their arm.


Shower Jelly

Raspberry and vanilla foam

Conga. A bubblegum pink, glossy looking, cylindrical shaped shower jelly, which is slightly wider at the base than at the top.
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"This Conga shower jelly has got to be my most FAVOURITE thing I've ever bought from Lush. To me it smells like bubblegum, of which I am obsessed with, and it is very fun to mess around with when taking a shower! it does an excellent job of moisturising your skin, leaving it feeling soft once you are dry, and the scent lasts for so long!" - abbyqw2306

"Love this conga shower jelly. The scent of vanilla is amazing and this product lasts for ages depending on how much you use." - Sbradbury334_67

"I love Conga as it’s fun to use and smells amazing. When I shower with it before bed I wake up next morning and my room smells like it. Definitely recommend if you like sweet smells." - jlmcd87_721822

How to use:

Lather this hydrating wobbler all over the skin for sweet vanilla tones and moisturising almond milk. 




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