Fresh, crisp and cool spearmint

A glass perfume bottle filled with ivory coloured liquid. A white label reads 'Dirty'.
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"It lasts agggessssss on my body and smells so unique. I do believe anyone can rock this sent if it's for you. Its deep as well as clean and the mint that's within it smells really fresh." - asutton705

"This is my favourite Lush perfume. Fresh smelling, long lasting and is great when used with the body spray. Minty fresh !!" - a.burghes_64521

"This is always my go to perfume from lush I love the scent and the price you pay is totally worth it. Its great if you use dirty spring wash in shower or the dirty wash card, then if you want to shave use the matching shaving cream and then sprtiz some of this perfume on and OMG your set for a day and people are likely to ask where you got the scent and say wow you smell nice." - coreybrassingt

How to use:

Spray and go with this minty fresh perfume to clear the mind and lift the spirits. A cooling current bursts from the bottle, scenting the skin with invigorating spearmint, peppery tarragon and woody sandalwood.



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