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Sea shanties and sea birds

From Source To Sea
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When musician Simon Emmerson and his crew stumbled across a cache of seaman’s songs curated by Topic Records it was the start of an epic voyage. These traditional work songs and sea shanties were fused with modern day folk music. The Walking With Ghosts band, voiced by Jackie Oates and Ben Murray accompany haunting voices from the past on our journey across the ocean. Sea birds fly alongside our ship, calling to each other across the melodies…

This 12" vinyl comes with a companion USB card containing all tracks from the record plus additional tracks and birdsong in an extended mix including Essequibo River, Manx Shearwaters, Common Terns and Arctic Terns, Blow The Man Down & Away Haul Away. The USB also contains an accompanying video featuring Dorset seashore, scenery and beautiful bird photography.

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