A number of black label perfume bottles are arranged randomly, with Furze in the centre, lid off, ready to spritz.



Creamy mimosa and coconut notes

A glass perfume bottle filled with almost colourless liquid. A black label reads 'The Perfume Library' and 'Furze'.
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"I love this fragrance and spray it over my freshly washed hair. A little gust of wind and your nose is filled with a coconuty floral bliss. It lasting and quite comforting." - Vin

"The smell is beautiful - a kind of pineappley coconutty scent with a bit of musk so it isn't too sweet. It really does remind me of gorse, which is one of my favourite flowers. It does smell quite strong, but lasts all day, and if sprayed on a scarf it lasts for a week or more! It mellows out as time goes on too, which is very nice." - Canna99

"Conjouring up a waft of gorse on a Cornish cliff, or the deliciously coconutty scent of a furze bush on the Downs this perfume is the only Lush perfume I can smell on me besides the equally evocative Smell of Weather turning." - starlingbright7

How to use:

When warmed by the sun, yellow gorse flowers emit a heady coconutty aroma, a sheer delight for passing Sunday strollers. This blossoming perfume encapsulates this hedgerow scent with a blend of neroli and mimosa, encouraging a sunshine state of mind.



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