Goddess bath water, purple and lilac and silver and bubbly as can be.


Bath Bomb

Seductive oudh and jasmine soaks

Goddess. A shimmering purple bath bomb, round with a concave carving out of the top. Its base is layered with lilac and grey.
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How to store:

Store in a cool dry place, best used fresh to feel like a Goddess. 

How to use:
Once the bath is full, drop this heavenly scented bath bomb in the hot water, let the jasmine absolute seduce you into the lilac and silver waters scented with lashings of dark oudh.

Did you know?

Lush buy shea butter from two suppliers who work directly with women's groups and cooperatives in Ghana. Not only does this provide them with a reliable source of income all year round, it has also given them greater emotional support and a sense of unity.




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